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You’re an HR manager

Because what matters to you
is to make it easier for your employee to integrate and take up his/her job …

5 good reasons for using our services

1- The Relocation service allows you …

… to focus on helping your employee to integrate and take up his/her job: he/she becomes operational more quickly.

2- Relocation facilitates recruitment

Considered as a real advantage for employees, it enhances the company’s image.

3- The services are available to everyone

Contrary to certain received ideas, our services aren’t just aimed at senior managers. With the MOBILIPASS® grant, young recruits and students on apprenticeship contracts can also use our services without the need for funding by the employer.

4- A single contact

Victoria Relocation takes care of everything. We’re the link between you, your employee, the administrative authorities, the lessors and the organisations that collect the 1% for drawing up MOBILIPASS® applications.

5- Give us your employee and we’ll take care of the rest!

We work for you, but also with you. It’s important to have close collaboration between Victoria Relocation and Human Resources if we’re both to achieve success.