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To accompany you in the world

Bienvenue !
A French Speaking Relocation Network

It is commonly assumed that all “expats” speak fluent English nowadays.
Still, nothing can replace being supported in someone’s mother tongue: for the transferred employee, and even more so for the spouse and family.

Millions of Francophones from France or any other French speaking country, are building a new professional life based on employers attracting them abroad.

Deciphering the subtleties of a rental contract, understanding the specificities of an insurance, the terms of enrollment in a school, all this contributes to the added value of Relocation companies, who must be able to complete all these services for their clients.

Based on these observations, fifteen Relocation companies met and agreed to launch a new Relocation network and offer:
Ensure a full support, in French, for mobile French-speaking families and individuals, regardless of their departure point or destinations in the world.

This is how Bienvenue! was born, an organized network with the common denominator of the French language. A network that will develop rapidly to meet the demands of companies and expatriates worldwide.

The Bienvenue! French-speaking Relocation Network is made up of independent Relocation companies as per VICTORIA RELOCATION, sharing the same value and ethics. They are small to medium-sized companies operating on a human scale, for the benefit of the assignees and their employers.

Bienvenue! is the link between cultures, the expatriate’s and the destination country.

Our proposal is already applauded by the HR community around the world.

Whatever is your destination, please contact us.